Subject: Need advice about heatsink and fan for a dell pc upgrade!!
By: VisitorX (IP: 88.106.110.*)
Written on: 18-03-2007 18:35

hi all,

i currently own a dell dimension 1100 pc with celeron 2.53ghz processor, recently i have bought 3ghz cpu (socket 47 but its without its any heatsink or fan, i want advice in this matter if celerons current heatsink and fan is usable with recent gonna be upgrade..


By: LazerFish (IP: 70.100.195.*)
Written on: 22-03-2007 08:18

It should work, but if the CPU is a P4 or dual-core, the heatsink/fan might not keep it as cool as one designed for higher-end cpus
By: hmm (IP: 85.167.198.*)
Written on: 21-04-2007 01:28

a small question tho why didnt u just clock the prossesor u allready have? and it aint dangerouse I belive all pentium from celeron and up have that "cool down/clock down" thing that will clock it down if it gets hot. dont worry it will go back up again, when its cold so no ure money woont go down the drain. And let u stuck whit a slower cpu it will go up again
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