Subject: Adding Fans to Homemade fan controller
By: Aaron (IP: 67.184.14.*)
Written on: 26-03-2007 06:14

I'm planning on building a water-cooled pc in the near future and I would like to use the home-made fan controller for the radiator fans.
I intend to use 4 Panaflo 120mm Medium Speed Fans, Model FBA12G12M, each with an input power of 4.08 W, is it safe to attach that many fans to one controller? And if it is, what is the easiest way to connect all 4 fans to the same controller? (I'm not very experienced with soldering)
I'd also appreciate any ideas as to where I should put the thermal sensor, I intend to cool my CPU and my graphics card and I was thinking of putting the temp sensor in the reservoir to get the water temperature if anyone can suggest a way to reliably water-proof it.

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