Subject: DIY Fan Controller Malfunction
By: Aaron (IP: 67.184.14.*)
Written on: 29-03-2007 22:49

Ealier today I assembled the DIY fan controller based on your instructions but I must have messed up somewhere because it's working backwards, that is, the fan increases in power as the temperature gets colder, any ideas about what I got wrong and how to fix it?

By: Michael (IP: 24.148.231.*)
Written on: 08-04-2007 02:03

Are you sure you used an ntc thermistor instead of a ptc thermistor?
By: Aaron (IP: 67.184.14.*)
Written on: 16-04-2007 00:43

I'm not sure, I used a flat headed thermal sensor like the one depicted here it doesn't say if it is NTC or PTC. I suspect that the termal sensor is the problem and I am looking for another one but I am having a hard time finding thermistors, radio shack doesn't have them, and I can't find them online except in huge bulk orders from suppliers where I have to request a quote for my order, any idea where I can buy one?
By: Aaron (IP: 67.184.14.*)
Written on: 18-04-2007 00:29

I found an online electronics store with reasonable prices and shipping charges for individual parts, are these the correct parts?:
By: Aaron (IP: 67.184.14.*)
Written on: 29-04-2007 06:31

Turns out is was the thermistor, got it working now
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