Subject: cpu damage
By: smkrishnan72 (IP: 202.56.231.*)
Written on: 18-04-2007 09:17

I recently assembled a pc(configuration: Pentium d 820, intel 945 gcl board, 512mb ram). I assembled it myself. On booting the pc, i found the cpu fan was running really fast. So, i shutdown the pc (it had run for some 5 mins or so) and found two of the heatsink legs have not been plugged in properly. So, i fixed it properly and then rebooted and installed winxp and is running now. My cpu temp now is around 44c and it takes about 40 sec to boot (from winxp logo screen to active desktop).
I wish to know if my cpu is in good condition or has been damaged. Is there any way to test it? Kindly help me on this.
Thank you
S.Muthu krishnan

By: hmm (IP: 85.167.198.*)
Written on: 21-04-2007 01:23

run prime95 or so and check if the comp crashes it will probaly a) have overheated. or b) have a faulty cpu(danmaged cpu).
Yes this is general I know it might be errors in xp but then mostlikey it will have an errorbox that shows why
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