Subject: Cooling SCSI Drives
By: T-R-A (IP: 66.157.115.*)
Written on: 08-06-2007 19:36

I've got an old Gateway G6-200 (Pentium Pro) that I'm "resurrecting" for media transfer (USB flash/Bernoulli/QIC & AT tape/Zip250/5.25&3.5 floppy--->CD-RW). While I've got a 400W P/S on the way, I fear it's not going to help much in cooling the 3 SCSI Drives in the Drive bay (2 Seagate Barracuda's and an IBM--all approx. 2Gig Each). Anyone know of a decent configuration to pull heat away from the cage using a H/S+Fan combination attached to the bottom of the cage???


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