Subject: Intel 945G/Pentium D 830 cooling fan?
By: Moustiq77 (IP: 66.177.94.*)
Written on: 22-06-2007 09:48


I got the Gateway FX 400S desktop

with Pentium D 830 on Intel 945G Big Lake mb.

The system runs 78-85C idle which seems very hot. The stock heatsink is aluminum, no fan. Instead there's a 120mm on the front of the case and another one - on the back. I tried to put a nice Zalman 90mm on it, but descovered that the CPU under that sink is positioned diagonally, like a diamond. The screw holes do not corespond the diamond shape, you can see it on the sink. Didn't work. Could anyone suggest an alternative cooling solution for such weird config (fan/hs)?

Thank you

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