Subject: cpu cooling s478
By: GOrki (IP: 70.83.118.*)
Written on: 26-06-2007 15:54

Hello everyone.
I have install a scythe katana 2 on my msi s478( p4c 2,66) due to some heating( about 95*C-100*C load. The instalation goes well, I had read a lot and already build a pc. The test after-installation goes well, I losted about 10-15*C (load about 85*C)
But the day after I came back home idle was at more than 70*C, and load just make my pc restart(I saw 105*C before restart). So I unplug everythings, and go check what happen. It seem that one of the 4 attach between the mother board and the venti-rad attach(IE: what was there before install) have broke, causing the katana 2 to touch only like half of the cpu...Guess we find the problem, now I would ask you what I should do about that.
Thx a lot

Olivier S.

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