Subject: Heatsink and Fan
By: Deepu (IP: 128.163.147.*)
Written on: 23-12-2004 20:21

Recently the fan for cpu in my desktop started malfunctioning. So i thought of replacing the heatsink as well. Can you suggest me the kind of heatsink and fan i should buy for VIA KT 133 chipset. The processor is AMD Athlon 1Ghz processor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Srinivasa Patri

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.3.*)
Written on: 23-12-2004 20:54


your choice of heatsink/fan doesn't depend on the chipset used; just on the CPU and the motherboard.

If you are not a very "technical" person, then I suggest that you keep your current heatsink, and just replace the old fan with a new one of comparable performance. Installing heatsinks for Socket A CPUs can be a bit tricky; if you install a new heatsink, make sure you don't cant it during installation. This may damage the CPU.

If you chose to replace the heatsink, any heatsink offered for modern Socket A CPUs (e.g. Athlon XP) will also work for your 1GHz Athlon. Compared to today's modern CPUs, the Athlon 1GHz has moderate cooling requirements; so when shopping for a new heatsink, you should rather look for low noise than high performance.

Your motherboard may or may not have four little holes around the CPU, for mounting heatsinks with screws. If it doesn't have these holes, you need to get a heatsink with clip mounting - no problem; these are more common anyways.

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