Subject: Zalman 9500 not fit AM2 socket?
By: Henry (IP: 74.140.150.*)
Written on: 13-07-2007 07:10

1. Asus m2n-sli deluxe mobo
2. AMD Athlon 64 x2 60003. evga 7800 GT KO
4. Raimax Smilidon case (with 1 120mm intake, 1 80mm intake, 3 80mm exhaust).
5. Other irrelevant items

Ambient Room Temp: (System is positioned directly above Air condition vent) 71-73 F.
Motherboard Temp: 28-30 C.

First boot, using the CNPS9500 heatsink using your Zinc Oxide thermal grease, my CPU ran 56-57 C idle in BIOS. I removed the Zinc Oxide provided (as indicated in your instructions) and put on Arctic Silver 5. My CPU temps cooled to 47 C, but I was still not satisfied. I removed the 9500 and put more Arc. Silver on, this time noticing that on the 9500, there was only residue of the Arc. Silver 5 along the edges of the 9500, indicating that the 9500 didn't contact the CPU in as much as 50-65% of the area of the CPU (seriously decreasing the thermal conductivity). And, by appearance, it doesn't seem as though (even though the AS5 residual seems to line up evenly on the edges of the CPU) I can see the edge of my CPU, indicating that the 9500 isn't fully covering it! After putting more AS 5 (removing the old AS 5) as indicated) on and some on the bottom of the 9500, my CPU still isn't as cool as I would like: 40 C idle and this is right above the A/C vent! Frankly, if I wanted these temps, I would've installed the stock cooler, but I wanted "the best in the cooling," and would like to achieve at least 34-36 C idle.

I would've dismissed this as being faulty installation, but I noticed on the product reviews and blogs ( other people had this same problem with AM2 socket processors. They even mentioned speaking with your tech support, but your solution did little to improve.

I refuse to lap this thing. I installed it directly out of the box, there should be nothing wrong with it--unless UPS is at fault.

What is causing this problem? How can I fix it? Are you certain that the 9500 fits AM2 sockts (i.e., Athlon 64 x2 6000)?

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