Subject: laptop shutdown
By: rilest2 (IP: 24.176.221.*)
Written on: 29-12-2004 20:26

my toshiba satellite laptop keeps shutting down after 5-10 minutes while using major programs like online gaming, dvds, etc.... i want to know exactly what it is and what i can do to fix this problem. its definitely not the battery or power supply, i have a feeling that its the heatsink, fan or cpu that is causing this problem. thanks, my laptop is a toshiba satellite 1905-S301.

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.6.*)
Written on: 30-12-2004 00:20


this Toshiba laptop has a P4 CPU, which indeed runs hot, but also features an internal diode for measuring CPU temperature. I suggest that you use software like Motherboard Monitor to check your CPU temperature; if it comes close to the maximum operating temperature of your CPU (check the "CPU temperatures" section of this site for comparison data), it may be a thermal problem.

By: rilest2 (IP: 24.176.221.*)
Written on: 31-12-2004 06:25

thanks for the help. if this is a thermal problem, what can a do to fix it or what should i do?
By: scifi3018 (IP: 204.116.2.*)
Written on: 01-01-2005 21:16

if tis under waranty, send it back, and tell them there is a problem. if you arent technically inclined, find a computer skilled friend, or repair man man man man, and tell them the problem. or the best solution yet, pop open that puppy, and check to se if the heatsink is attached properly, take it off, clean the heatsink, and processor, apply a new paste, and set firmly.
By: rilest2 (IP: 24.176.221.*)
Written on: 03-01-2005 05:38

will do once i get the right tool. thanks
By: Betsy (IP: 198.81.26.*)
Written on: 30-01-2005 06:09

We have a 2 yr old Toshiba Satellite that had a problem similar to that described. We have been through the overheating issues and many possible solutions. In the end, this is what solved the problem for 6 months. Then we had to do it again. The intake fan on the bottom of the laptop seems to be a dust suction device especially for those who place laptops on sofas and beds (three cats doesn't help!). Many suggest taking things apart but we got good results with a "hoovering" as suggested by a British gal on line. Take the vacuum hose, place over inlet and outlets, seal air gaps best as you can and then suck out dust. Follow with a compressed air treatment if you like. It really seems to help. The computer will shut down if it overheats. It will overheat if the fan cant function properly. The fan cant function if it is filled with dust and animal hair. Suggestions to modify BIOS and such lower the demands on the cooling system but I don't think that really solves the problem.
By: Mystress (IP: 24.231.194.*)
Written on: 19-02-2005 02:49

I have run into hundreds of toshiba people with the same problem. This forum gives great instructions on how to clean out the pc or take it in to have it done. Hope this helps.
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