Subject: Advice for temp and noise reduction
By: Onege (IP: 24.83.231.*)
Written on: 03-09-2007 19:25

I am seeking advice on temperature and noise reduction for my home system. Its a 3.0ghz P4 with HT, running in a Asus P5K SE board, housed in an Antec Sonata tower. Currently its running 45-65 degrees C, depending on load... and the noise with the retail fan is brutal. No doubt caused by the abnormal heat level.

Could someone point me in the directly of a good heatsink that would fit inside my system, drop the temperature 10-15 degrees and cut the noise level A LOT?

Much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Btw, my local air temperature in the summer is between 55-80 F so keep that in mind...

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