Subject: why does a cpu heat up?
By: alex (IP: 169.199.155.*)
Written on: 19-09-2007 20:13

why does a cpu heat up?

By: windson (IP: 60.53.247.*)
Written on: 21-09-2007 11:26

first, cpu heat up was depends on the type of cpu you are using, for example, amd cpu is heat up faster than intel plentium cpu.

otherwise, cpu heat up cause by poor cooling system, solve this problem by add fans to increase air flow of cpu.

the cpu usage also will case cpu heat up, for example, playing high graphic game, open too much program simultanously.
By: Pumbaa (IP: 58.172.74.*)
Written on: 03-10-2007 15:07

I think he means why a CPU heats up in the first place and therefore needs cooling.

CPUs are realy circuitry made and packed into a tinny chip. Even the best conductors and semiconductors are non-ideal: they lose some energy (in the form of heat) when electricity is passed through them. Since there a million upon million of transistors in a modern day CPU they all produce a lil bit of heat but that all adds up to a lot in such a tinny space.

I remember days when a heatsink was no bigger than the CUPs themselfs.
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