Subject: Need help/suggestions for Micro ATX CPU cooling
By: With_Forks (IP: 71.112.193.*)
Written on: 13-10-2007 21:06

About a year ago, I got a MicroFly Ultra Micro ATX case, and decided to build a micro computer from random parts I had laying around. I never really did much with the system, until recently. Now, I am unable to have it running for more than 5 minutes without it shutting down on its own. I troubleshot every possible reason for this, like bad RAM, and I believe it to be the CPU heat.

As inaccurate as most sensor programs are, all three of the ones I used stated the CPU temp of my AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual core 4600+ proc was between 61c and 63c at idle, with the case off (Case LED stated case temp between 23c and 27c). If I loaded a program, I almost insured an instant system shutdown.

These symptoms lead me to believe CPU heat is the problem. I was barely able to fit the stock CPU fan, and the other AMD fans I have are too large to fit in the Micro ATX case with the minimal space between it and the Motherboard.

Is there anyone that has any experience or suggestions for Micro ATX CPU cooling? I would really like to avoid cutting the case, to fit the CPU heatsink, but that is the direction I am currently heading.

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