Subject: Removing old heatsink safely
By: TomT (IP: 76.5.56.*)
Written on: 04-12-2007 00:50

Have p4 3.2 running hot. have purchased Zalman Fatal1ty FS-C77 CpU cooler. Last time I removed a heatsink, I bent pins on my P4 3.0. Don\'t want to make same costly mistake again. Problem anticipated : is heatsink fused to processor. Suggestions Please. Tom

By: tulio (IP: 190.10.162.*)
Written on: 13-12-2007 02:03

Sometimes the thermal paste dries up and the heatsink gets stuck to the processor. If you feel the heatsink is stuck, don\'t force it, just heat up the heatsink with a blowdryer or something and it should be easier to remove..
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