Subject: Thanks, Temp control working perfectly.
By: Mikisan (IP: 76.107.111.*)
Written on: 09-12-2007 14:11

Many thanks for the free plans and advice. The DIY fan control works wonderful. I have the thermister slipped under the heat sink, right up next to the CPU and it senses temp just great. I havn\'t come up with a real good way to make sure it stays there though.
My Mobo quit controling the fans for some reason, this was a very easy and inexpensive fix. I just wish I couldv\'e found all the parts in one place. I wound up getting all the parts from three different places which tallied up 24USD in shipping charges for about 4 dollars worth of parts. Still worth every penny though, since I didn\'t hsve to replace a Mobo.
Thanks again,
Mike S.

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