Subject: Fans at 0 RPM?
By: Arpanet (IP: 208.102.10.*)
Written on: 18-12-2007 12:08

Okay, first let me start off by saying I bought my computer, a Dell XPS, a year ago.

I play a lot of PC games but my PC locks up and crashes a lot. Which shouldn\'t really happen seeing as how when I bought it, it had enough memory and processing power where I shouldn\'t have to worry about that sort of thing. I started thinking it was the individual games that did it so I usually just let it go.

Now that it\'s christmas time, I want to upgrade a few components of my PC. I thought this would also be a good time to look into why it doesn\'t work as well as I believe it should. So I had an idea that it might be the cooling.

I downloaded and installed Mother Board Monitor and checked the readouts. Now on the dashboard there are 3 gauges for fans and they\'re all at 0 RPM.

I\'m sitting here thinking whats going on, so, if anyone has any info it would help me out.

By: Aaron (IP: 71.201.2.*)
Written on: 18-12-2007 19:34

Its possible that your fans do not support RPM monitoring. Are the fan wires red, black, and yellow, or just red and black? The yellow wire is the one that tells the motherboard the RPM. So If your fans don\'t have a yellow wire they do not support RPM monitoring.

Its also possible that motherboard monitor just does not support that feature on your motherboard.
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