Subject: multiple fans on temp controller
By: Ron (IP: 75.177.151.*)
Written on: 04-01-2008 15:06

I am currently using your controller on my aquarium lighting system and it works great(and has been for 2 years) but I\'m upgrading lighting and need a great deal more air flow.

Would you recomend that I run multiple fans in a series or parallel configuration with your controller design.
4-5 fans 12V, 3.96W, .33A


By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 31-01-2008 19:13


yes you can run several fans in parallel; however, you should add a heatsink to the transistor. Note the the part of the transistor that touches the heatsink is not grounded, but carries voltage. Therefore, make sure the heatsink doesn\'t touch any conductive objects.

All the best,
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