Subject: Thermal Tape or Paste?
By: brettkramer (IP: 207.229.144.*)
Written on: 14-01-2008 21:10

I\'m replacing a logic board in an Aluminum Powerbook G4 1.5ghz, Bluetooth v.2.0 laptop. When the logic board was initially installed the techs used silver colored themal paste on the processor, but used a black substance or black thermal pad / /tape on the smaller video processor when installing. (The smaller video processor lays on top of a copper heat sink). I can find the silver thermal paste with no problem, but I need to know what they used that was black in color with the video chip, It kind of looks like black thermal tape, is it a black thermal pad / tape or some type of black thermal paste. It\'s important that I restore the logic board back to the way I originally received it.
To make a long story short, my wife spilled a glass of wine on my powerbook, I\'ve taken everything apart and cleaned everything, now it\'s time to put it all back together.

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