Subject: Continuous beeping
By: hodgy (IP: 195.93.21.*)
Written on: 07-03-2008 13:52

I have a Sony vaio PC which is continously beeping with the blue viao light flashing, I have been on various websites and they say that it is overheating, but I don\'t know how to check this or what to do about it, can anyone help before I go deaf please.

By: andrewrpp (IP: 98.132.227.*)
Written on: 15-08-2008 18:43

that is a power issue. something is shorting out or not getting power.
By: Brandon (IP: 76.173.101.*)
Written on: 10-09-2008 13:36

I suggest listening to the beeps... when a computer beeps at startup... it is trying to tell you something... look up beep codes(or something like that) on google(or something)
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