Subject: How many % heatsink can help CPU?
By: Leap (IP: 202.178.112.*)
Written on: 24-03-2008 04:13

Can you tell me, how many percentage that heat sink can help to cool the CPU?

By: daydreamer (IP: 77.103.201.*)
Written on: 16-08-2008 05:39

I have a Linux system with the \"sensors-applet\" (
This gives me a reading of my current CPU temperature. The temperature ranges that I have seen, are as follows:

Generally, at rest with no user interaction, CPU temperature will be around 36C.
Typing into a terminal or webpage, CPU temperature will be around 48C.
Playing a video from youtube, CPU temperature will go up to around 70C
Running a raytracer generating pixelmap images or running OpenGL applications (bzflag) will make the CPU temperature go up to 91C
With the heatsink fan running, the CPU will automatically modulate the clock frequency so that this temperature is not exceeded.
Without the heatsink fan running, or if it is obstructed, the temperature will go beyond 91C and the CPU (Intel) will automatically go into shutdown mode.
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