Subject: p4 socket 478 heat sink
By: Jason (IP: 207.119.183.*)
Written on: 14-04-2008 23:05

I broke the retention clips (that right?) on my heat sink the other day. I cannot find a replacement heat sink that will fit no matter how hard I try. It says \"mPGA478B\" on what I\'m guessing the processor sits in. Here is a picture of the exact heat sink I have and need. It is the second one that says \"Socket processor with active heat sink (cooling fan)\" If you scroll down there are a couple more pictures of it. Any help finding this would be much appreciated. All heat sinks I find are too wide to fit. If it helps my processor is a pentium 4 @ 2.0 ghz.

By: Jason (IP: 72.161.53.*)
Written on: 17-04-2008 04:24

Never mind.
By: Ray (IP: 86.142.12.*)
Written on: 24-06-2008 00:14

A bit late, I know - but the following info is always useful:-

Gateway (along with many other large PC distributors like HP/DELL/Compaq) go for proprietary parts - it makes life very difficult for people who do as you have done.

If there is room inside the case, I recommend that you get parts to revert to standard, Intel-compatible fixings. That way, you can always repair/upgrade with standard, Intel-compatible replacements.

HTH, Ray
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