Subject: Build yourself a fan temperature control
By: Paul (IP: 69.132.22.*)
Written on: 23-04-2008 23:28

Wow! Just what I was looking for and simple to boot!

But of course that just makes me want more! I would LOVE it if you\\\\\\\'d expound on a solution that does support fan speed monitoring. Regardless of the additional expense and difficulty of locating the appropriate p-channel MOSFETS I\\\\\\\'d love to try it!

Please, do go on...

Thanks for your excellent and helpful information!

By: Ricardo (IP: 128.233.39.*)
Written on: 02-05-2008 00:25


Could this temperature controller be used in an automotive application for 12 electric cooling fans? If so this would be great and inexpensive.

Thanks in advance

By: jeckey (IP: 216.87.109.*)
Written on: 07-05-2008 03:45

i am doing the project reort on the heatsink. i am a students
can you give me a design suggested topik of the heat sink
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