Subject: AMD 64 CPU overheat?
By: achang777 (IP: 12.96.7.*)
Written on: 28-04-2008 20:40

I have been using a HP a1130n system (AMD 64 3500+ Socket 939)with a standard HP 19\" LCD for over 3 years with no problem. However, recently I upgraded my monitor to a Gateway widescreen 24\" LCD monitor and that\'s when I noticed somthing different. First, while I am viewing websites with lots of graphics I noticed the CPU fan speeded up and I checked the temperature and found out it\'s around 63 C. The fan then slowed down when the temperature dropped to around 60 C. The idle temperature is around 56 -59C. I have not experienced a crash yet but I noticed the response time was much longer during the time when the fan speeded-up. I took the advise from a Fry\'s representative and purchased a new CPU fan and a new 500W power supply (the old one was 300W). Came home and installed them last night and the idle time is still the same and the high was 62C. I guess it was a bit better but I was looking for much better improvement than that. I even switched back to my old HP 19\" monitor and the temperature reading in BIOS (I am not even in Windows yet) was around 60C. I am confused! Was my system running at that temperature even before I purchased the new monitor? Is there something else I should do? Any advise?

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