Subject: Heat sink for a IRF510 MOSFET
By: Paula (IP: 76.178.163.*)
Written on: 06-05-2008 17:13

I need to find a heat sink for the IRF510 Mosfet that will insure the junction temperature is below 150 degrees. Any suggestions?

By: Ray (IP: 86.142.12.*)
Written on: 24-06-2008 00:06

Try this item on Ebay - 160197776125 (cheap enough to have-a-go). You may need to cut it down to size?
Also, to fix it onto the MOSFET you might need to used Sekisui #5760 thermal tape - see Ebay ref#s 360054061575 or 160089538830.
It may also be necessary to mechanically secure the heatsink ... there is a photograph of how I did this on my variable fan speed controller here ...
Finally, please note that I have found it useful but not vital to have at least a little airflow in the general vicinity of the heatsink.
HTH, Ray
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