Subject: mATX tower heatsink suggestions
By: Aria (IP: 75.62.183.*)
Written on: 03-07-2008 07:10

I have approximately 65-70mm of heatsink height clearance on my antec aria htpc. The stock intel cooler for core2 processors that I\'m using is way too loud, even with smart fan on [which is the only way to manage fan speeds with this piece-of-crap mobo I\'m usinig]. Speedfan doesn\'t read the fan at all. Any suggestions for something decent that will fit?

Specs [not that they really matter]:
2*1 gb corsair 5-5-5-12 pc6400
intel e2180
crap mobo
no disc drive
8600gt 256mb
300gb hd


By: Ray (IP: 86.128.22.*)
Written on: 07-07-2008 03:24

I have about 2,147 suggestions but the main ones are ... is the heatsink matched to your CPU, is it fitted properly and is the PC getting ventilated properly?

FWIW ...
Intel heatsinks automatically adjust fan RPMs (the \"loud\" bit) because ... the CPU is not getting cooled properly. Certain Intel heatsinks are loud, certain Intel heastsinks are quiet. A below-spec, loud Intel heatsink will be ... VERY loud. Even a matched-or-over-spec heatsink will be loud if it\'s being suppled warm air inside the PC case or if the heatsink itself is clogged with dirt/dust.
If the heatsink isn\'t properly fitted you\'ll have problems anyway.
If the PC isn\'t getting cool, filtered air drawn in & hot air ventilated exhausted out you\'ll have problems anyway

Pemutate these conditions and you will have the 2,147 suggestions as I mentioned above.


HTH, Ray
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