Subject: Re: Build yourself a fan temperature control
By: Jello (IP: 69.236.64.*)
Written on: 15-07-2008 07:36

I was thinking about building the fan controller myself.
Just some questions about building it all together. Does the fan [and its controller] draw power from the motherboard? Or does it draw directly from the power supply? [Or, are either acceptable?]
If the power comes from the motherboard, then wouldn\'t it be perfectly acceptable to connect the fan\'s RPM sensor to the motherboard\'s RPM sensor? [Would it not be as if you hooked up the fan without using the controller at all?]
Would building the fan controller mean destroying the wire that connects my fan?

Just wondering, but, for those of you who have already built it, did you have to mutilate your original fan cable? And where did you draw your power from?

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