Subject: Stock AMD Heatsink
By: Sam (IP: 81.108.179.*)
Written on: 22-07-2008 21:54

I have a stock AMD heatsink for my processor, and I recently removed it to put Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound on it as my computer was hitting 67 degrees centigrade CPU temp and was locking up very frequently. I suspected that it was because of the compund being put on wrong by the PC manufactuer (a local company). Unfortunately, after I put all the PC back together, there was a nasty burning smell coming from the CPU when I switched it on and after removing the heatsink five minutes later, it practically burnt my fingers when I accidently touched it. I concluded that I had destroyed my processor, so I am getting another one and I am thinking of getting a new heatsink as I have read that the stock ones are crap. (
Does anyone think that I don\'t need a new heatsink, as I think it was because I put too little Arctic Silver one and also, what is the best way of applying Arctic Silver?

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