Subject: Abit IC7 & Prescott 3.0
By: Ray (IP: 86.128.77.*)
Written on: 28-07-2008 00:32

Here\'s a relatively new one ... on old near-new equipment.
I\'ve known for a while that the Intel Prescott line of CPUs have been ummm \"problematical\", requiring e.g., a BIOS update to get \'em to work at all. Even then a 3.0 version can exhibit strange behaviour e.g., not exiting the BIOS setup when F10 is pressed.
But until now I\'ve not had a problem with heat as I use an Intel Extreme Edition heatsink on my testbench so CPUs tend to run quite cool.
Enter the latest motherboard (for me!) to be coupled with that ol\' P4 Prescott 3.0 SL8JZ - this time mated with an Abit IC7 with BIOS version 28 (the latest) pre-flashed.
Hot? Think volcanic! It\'s the first time I\'ve had an EE heatsink warm to the touch. Even 3.4ghz Gallatins don\'t run this baby warm.
I\'ve done a little research and P4 Prescott 3.0 owners with Abit IC7 motherboards report similar issues.
OK, fit a better heatsink? Weeeeeell no. You see, as well as the heatsink getting hot, the entire motherboard power feed train gets hot with this CPU ... all the capacitors, power transistors get hot to the touch and the little circular wire-wound voltage thingies are even hotter.
Even with a properly installed, well-specified heatsink the fundamental mismatch of components (CPU & motherboard) cannot be ignored.
(PS Shame Abit/Intel for not making this public knowledge.)
(PPS Yes I know the Abit IC7-Max3 includes their OTES cooling solution for just such a situation but that doesn\'t solve the hot-CPU issue.)

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