Subject: Repairing heatsink fan
By: daydreamer (IP: 77.103.201.*)
Written on: 16-08-2008 05:31


I recently had the heatsink fan on my laptop start to fail would make a noise somwhere between a food blender and Florida airboat. I have been able to find a spare heatsink and transplant a new heatsink fan into my laptop. This solves my first problem, but creates a second problem where I now have a spare heatsink with a noisy cooling fan.

So, I am wondering, is there any way of repairing this fan? As far as I can tell, it consists of four coils of copper, an outer set of copper/iron rings and the plastic fan blades themselves which have a single plastic spindle that slots into the motor. There seems to be some metal parts on the fan blades as there is the pull of a magnetic field as the spindle is slid into the motor.

Is there any way of repairing this motor - I guess it must be either a short circuit or a broken wire?

By: mm_vr (IP: 91.153.228.*)
Written on: 22-11-2008 15:38

It\'s bearings have failed most propably. It\'s pretty hard to fix as it\'s nearly impossible to find correct size replacement bearings.
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