Subject: stacking case fans?
By: Ninjaman2 (IP: 72.23.192.*)
Written on: 28-08-2008 00:28

I am wondering if there is or can be a hinderance of airflow by having fans too closoe to eachother or even stacked on eachother?

No matter the fans cfm whether one is higher rated and one is lower rated cfm if they are stacked or too close air flow will not be hindered right. It would always help or would it?

Thanks you for you time in reading and helpful input

By: Brandon (IP: 76.173.101.*)
Written on: 10-09-2008 13:41

I don\'t think so... unless if they are blowing different directions... if you put 2 on top of eachother, it would actually double the CFM(at least that\'s what I think... maybe 1.25x the nominal CFM of one of the fans) but anyway... it shouldn\'t hurt
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