Subject: TIM
By: bart (IP: 203.177.63.*)
Written on: 19-09-2008 07:42

I would like to know what are the common thermal interface materials available in the market. Does anyone knows a guide on how to select a suitable TIM? Hoping someone will respond.. thanks!

By: mightysi (IP: 82.132.136.*)
Written on: 25-09-2008 12:00

well I\'m certainly no expert, but I\'ve found you can\'t go wrong with arctic silver 5. i\'ve used it on a few CPU\'s now and it\'s always seemed good.
Plus you can pick it up find eBay for just a few pounds.

I recently replaced the cheap tim on my sapphire HD 3870 (which there was a ridiculous amount of) with as5 and have noticed a significant drop in temps.

Idle temp was 50 degrees and is now 40
Load temp (running folding@home wih gpu overclocked) was 70 plus now down to 55-60
Plus the fan is spinning quieter at full load too.

I think the biggest thing to remember is to only use what you actually need, because too much will reduce the effectivness of any tim.
By: Ray (IP: 86.164.224.*)
Written on: 29-11-2008 04:51

> what are the common thermal interface materials available in the market
Thermal pad
Thermal paste
Thermal epoxy
Thermal tape (frag tape)
Thermal gap filler

Epoxy is permanent, all of the rest are replaceable (exception Coolaboratory thermal paste).

The best method of selection is ... experience, research, trial & error, more research and current market options vs your budget then more research.
HTH, Ray
By: HUSS (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 27-09-2009 17:20

I have worked in electronics cooling for 18 years with Thermacore Inc. and have used all the different kinds of TIM\'s and the one that we always used for all testing was the silicone based white thermal grease. Its less expensive than many others and performs well at many different temps.

The best thing for good heat transfer is just making sure your heat sink is flat and that it is flat against the cpu. We sometime did not need any thermal grease when testing if both the heat source and heat sink were flat or smooth. If both surfaces are flat or smooth you could even use mineral oil and that would be sufficient.........Have any questions you can E-mail me
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