Subject: Should the CPU fan drive air away from the cpu or otherwise?
By: Sam (IP: 200.55.152.*)
Written on: 01-10-2008 01:40

And another question:
My fan rotates counterclockwise. Is this right?

By: Ray (IP: 86.164.224.*)
Written on: 29-11-2008 04:44

Why do you ask?
(What\'s the problem that you are trying to resolve?)
By: tim (IP: 203.91.86.*)
Written on: 07-12-2008 05:32

same question as above, should fan on CPU push air down and through CPU cooling fins or draw air up and out?
By: Rich (IP: 72.49.28.*)
Written on: 18-03-2009 06:35

Down, these days.
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