Subject: Wrong name of connector in \"Cooling FAQ\"
By: mm_vr (IP: 91.153.228.*)
Written on: 22-11-2008 15:45

I just read the Cooling FAQ, and I noticed that the 3-pin fan connector that goes to the mobo is called Molex in there. The fact is that the 4-pin \"PSU connector\" is actually the Molex.


I\'d really like to see this fixed.

By: mm_vr (IP: 91.153.228.*)
Written on: 22-11-2008 16:00

The same thing is on the \"Connectors\" page.
By: Ray (IP: 86.164.224.*)
Written on: 29-11-2008 04:31

MOLEX is a format that defines many types & sizes of conector that are standard industry-wide and are accepted as commonly interchangeable between same-type headers, adapters etc from 99.9% of manufacturers by name.
MOLEX is not one size/type/number of wires etc etc label.
MOLEX includes both 2, 3 & 4-pin fan connectors, IDE / SATA power, motherboard power, graphics card/laptop minature size fan connectors & even, I believe USB.
Put another way ... if it\'s not a standard MOLEX connector, it\'s a bespoke/OEM/catalogue item that MAY be cheaper than MOLEX in the short term e.g., for manufacturers such as HP/Dell/Compaq etc but in the long term will be MUCH more expensive to replace for end-users as the supplier has the end-user tied-in to their bespoke product(s) and so can charge any price they like to repair.
Better MOLEX than non-industry-wide \"standards\".
By: mm_vr (IP: 91.153.228.*)
Written on: 30-11-2008 11:15

Oh yes, thanks for the explanation.

Now I know that aswell.
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