Subject: cpu temperature
By: Matt (IP: 83.86.69.*)
Written on: 06-12-2008 17:08

Hey guys,
i was just wondering. i have been wondering about my cpu temperatures. i just got motherboard monitor 5. it displays anywhere from 50 to 74 degrees of case temperature and roughly 130 degrees of CPU temperature (both celsius). i was wondering if the temperatures listed in your CPU temperatures tab meant case or the CPU temperatures. my processor is an intel dualcore 3.7 GHz.

thanks in advance,


By: Ray (IP: 86.150.213.*)
Written on: 15-01-2009 04:37

AFAIK MBM 5 is long discontinued and can now be conidered defunct for most PC equipment.
MUCH better to look at the BIOS readings and report them back here.
HTH, Ray
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