Subject: Peltier to cool water, in watercooling rig
By: drutort (IP: 68.99.246.*)
Written on: 16-12-2008 08:55

Peltier question

Hi I have a question about using a peltier not in the traditional way for PCs I know they are used in conjunction with water cooling, but what I wish to do is use the peltier as a 2ndary cooling devise primarily the cooling of the water, using a heatsink/heatsink heatpipe and a water block, the cold side would cool the water block as the water is passing through in the cooling system.

Why do this? Well my hopes are of dropping the temperature lower then ambient, this is for attempting to build a carPC for extreme summer heat, temperatures for example in Arizona during the summer can reach well over 150F in the car, that is not good for PC components and even water cooling will not be able to function well, my goal is to try and drop the water temperatures and allowing the radiator to dissipate the heat slowly as the car temperatures normalize after the passenger enters and drives.

I have read the article and understand the inefficiencies of the peltier, but those are applying were the peltier is responsible for removing the whole cpu temperature and the heatsink having to cope with the peltiers added heat as well, in my case water keeps its temperatures a bit stable it will take a bit to cool it but take longer for the temperatures to equalize

I also understand that the peltier would be effected by the ambient temperature, I do not wish to get a lot of efficiency as this is to be a 2ndary cooling way for short durations, but enough to be able to have lower then ambient temperatures on the CPU area

By: DJ (IP: 194.45.138.*)
Written on: 07-01-2009 14:12

Dell uses this combination (Liquid / Peltier) in it\'s XPS 7XX series. Maybe you can get ideas from there.
By: Koffee (IP: 69.176.168.*)
Written on: 31-10-2009 21:02

I have spent a bit of time thinking about this too and don\'t know why I haven\'t seen this done before. I am thinking about putting a watterblock on the CPU and another one on the pelt with a good size reservoir for a buffer tank and another loop cooling the hot side of the pelt with a rad. It would be more expensive because of the extra pump and waterblock but it would be safer and I think you would get more consistent temps.

By: Koffee (IP: 69.176.168.*)
Written on: 31-10-2009 21:11

And to maintain your temps within ambient to avoid condensation you would just need to run a simple temp controller with a relay on the pelt to turn it on and off. The reservoir tank would act as a buffer and keep the temps close to constant.
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