Subject: water coller
By: seena (IP: 122.164.113.*)
Written on: 19-01-2009 23:18

I intend to make a water cooler of about five liter capacity for drinking water using Peltier chips. ...shall we call it .... a mini refrigerator
Some loud thinking.on this subject.
Take an old refrigerator..say 165 liters capacity.
Place the cooling side of the Peltier plate on the evaporator plate.
Place a reasonable big aluminum plate and take it well and put an aluminum heat sink.
Power up the Peltier.
Now a refrigerator is ready.
Have I over simplified issues involved.?
I would like to start off on a projcet on the above lines.
If any one has come across such a thing or info ...I will be delighted to have it

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