Subject: Cleaning heatsink
By: Naz (IP: 82.35.20.*)
Written on: 25-01-2009 20:28


I plan to open my VAIO laptop to clean the heatsink. Should I remove the heatsink compound that is between the processor and the heatsink and reapply a new layer or is it safe to simply connect the heatsink (after cleaning it) back to the processor without adding any heatsink compound?

By: Ray (IP: 86.128.78.*)
Written on: 22-03-2009 23:53

Always safest to clean the CPU & heatsink of old compound then apply fresh paste ... as long as you know what you\'re doing.
NOTE:- some heatsinks cool other components via thermal gap filler. Be prepared to replace those too. Do the research before dismantling.
HTH, Ray
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