Subject: On/Off Temperature Sensor For Fans
By: Adam (IP: 24.144.16.*)
Written on: 07-06-2010 07:12

I\'m glad I found your site and and planning on building your temperature controller for fans in my a/v cabinet. I already have fans that change speed depending on air temperature, so what I would like the controller to do is basically just be an on/off device. Once the thermistor hits a certain temperature, I would like full voltage to be allowed, and not just a trickle to start at that starting temperature. Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance!

By: Adam (IP: 24.144.16.*)
Written on: 29-06-2010 08:25

This discussion board ROCKS!!!!!
By: Adam (IP: 24.144.16.*)
Written on: 29-06-2010 20:11

Oh yeah, if anybody else was interested in this, I ended up building this version that simply turns fans on and off.

I got parts from that added up to less than $10!!

And here is a different one you could try as well but I did not pick-

Oh and I haven\'t yet but am planning on putting this site\'s \"temp controller\" in line after this other one I built, that way it actually turns the fan\'s power on and off AND has a variable speed controller!

Hope this info has helped somebody!
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