Subject: Expected temp measurements for heat pipes?
By: ObiQuiet (IP: 70.114.167.*)
Written on: 05-07-2010 18:51

Excellent article on heat pipes! Thank you!

I get the theory pretty well, I think. One thing I haven\'t been able to figure out is what one would expect to measure in practice.

For an ideal heat pipe, would one expect both ends of the pipe to have the same temperature? And, would that temperature be the temp of the heat source?

Or, should I expect to measure a temperature gradient along the pipe?


By: Rex (IP: 111.82.183.*)
Written on: 11-08-2010 10:52


The temperrature between two side of heat pipe is different. We measure three point in performance test of heat pipe. The termperature at the mid of heat pipe is as working temperature, The power of heater divided the temperature difference between two end divied is the thermal resistance of heatpipe at the working temperature.
By: HUSS (IP: 24.115.80.*)
Written on: 20-08-2010 00:54

The closer the temps from one end to the other or delta T the better the quality of the heat pipe. I built them for 18 years for Thermacore Inc.
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