Subject: Cooling atom CarPC
By: CrashZone (IP: 109.67.199.*)
Written on: 05-10-2010 15:53

after reading the guide. im still baffeled.
i have a atom ion based carpc in my gloove box, it currntly runs at 60C load (its important to mention ION has no temp reading and probably is hotter).
i wish to find a better cooling method to protect my CPU.
i thughot about ussing 60W tec to reduce temps.
will it be any good?
do anyone have a better selution?

the TDP of the ION + atom is less than 20W.
i have a 250W power supply(m4) and i need a recomendation for a low power consmption tec that will do the job.

how can i conect the tec to the cpu and gpu?

By: iyr (IP: 174.253.180.*)
Written on: 05-04-2011 10:18

I would recommend moving it out of the glovebox or going with water cooling outside the glovebox. Under the seat would be an easy place or under the dash. Just somewhere that there's airflow and not a sealed box!
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