Subject: Side fans
By: John (IP: 173.86.96.*)
Written on: 07-11-2010 01:06

Do side fans provide any benefit? I have a 120mm front and rear with a 80mm side. I used to have 2 80mm side fans but removed one. After it was removed I noticed no difference in temp.

By: iyr (IP: 174.253.180.*)
Written on: 05-04-2011 10:12

Yes and no, it has to do with exact placement. On my computer I have an 80mm side intake blowing on my ram and northbridge chip, just in front of the cpu and a 90mm side fan exhausting near the back of the case by the cpu. With the power supply and 2 80mm rear exhaust fans this really helps suck the heat out/off of my overclcked pentium d. If the 90mm was blowing in, all the cold air would be sucked out the rear of the computer and my case temps would sky rocket so placement and direction of airflow are key.

Just for reference my pentium d 805 loads at 62c on air oc'd to 3.4 from a stock 2.8ghz
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