Subject: overkill
By: madman (IP: 69.171.161.*)
Written on: 05-03-2011 04:50

I plan on working my modified power supply like a workhorse and was trying to figure out which is better the heat sink compound(greaselike substance) or the silk like stuff I am trying to get 6 amps out of a 5 amp transistor but was told if I do real well with the dissapation I might be able to pull 8 pretty regularly please help am new to this as a hobby

By: iyr (IP: 174.253.180.*)
Written on: 05-04-2011 09:52

The clear silicone based is next to crap and the white silicone/zinc might be acceptable but something like arctic silver 7 will give you best results. On the other hand sites like the electronics goldmine sell components dirt cheap. If the overloaded part fails it may kill other components as well possibly costing you a small fourtune.
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