Subject: Modify laptop heatsink
By: Flow (IP: 69.14.207.*)
Written on: 03-05-2011 20:44

Hey Guys, I upgraded my laptop processor to a t9100. The stock heatsink w/ heatpipe not keeping it cool enough. (core and chipset idle at 60-70c, 85c + when gaming)
I wish to mount a 1/4" copper plate to the top of the existing heatsink assembly, fitted through the case bottom to make flush and then mount a 2" x 4" 1/4" copper heatsink to that to make the the heat dissapate more efficiently.(Extend legs of laptop for clearence)
My Question is: should I mount the copper plate to the heatpipe only? or can I cover the whole assembly, aluminum block included? (Air flow?0
(Gateway p7811fx loptop. Heatsink #60.41202.001)

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