Subject: Laptop - additional cooling
By: Ed (IP: 123.243.245.*)
Written on: 21-12-2012 15:39

I've been looking for a bit of help with an idea for helping to keep my laptopcool. Its a HP dv6 going on 3 years old. Havent got the coin to replace it and I want to maximise it's [remaining] life reliably.

Firstly: It is clean of dust
It is raised
There is a usb fan feeding directly into the intake on the base.

I will be replacing the thermal compound soon as well. The temps at the moment are reaching the high 60s and 70s quite easily. I don't game but I do watch HD video, photoshop and browse often simultaneously.

- The Idea: would mounting a small passive heat sink to the internal copper tube (with a vent out of the case) and having a small externally powered fan draw the heat off this help reduce the heat by much?

I do want to keep the laptop some what portable so the fan might not be attached to the case.

Yes I know this is a very odd thing but any ideas would be a great help.

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