Subject: Largest heatsink manufacturers?
By: Steve Lang (IP: 67.116.162.*)
Written on: 19-01-2005 01:34

Hi all,

I am doing some research on heatsink manufacturers. Can anyone tell me who the largest 4 or 5 heatsink makers are? (total sales- I don't need breakdown by OEM, aftermarket, etc.)

I just need a rough estimate, and will be doing my own research from there.


By: Tillmann (IP: 84.57.40.*)
Written on: 19-01-2005 01:43


I suggest that you have a look at the following link:

There, you will find a list of heatsink manufacturers, in some cases with annual sales/production numbers. Not all manufacturers disclose that information, so simply looking at the manufacturers with the highest volume on that list won't help - but it's a good starting point.

By: Steve (IP: 67.116.162.*)
Written on: 19-01-2005 02:03

Hi Tillman,

Thanks for the info. I have the list (it is very useful!), although I believe the descriptions and data is submitted by the companies themselves. But it is a start.

I was hoping you or anyone else here could rattle off a few of the known biggest companies. That would be very useful (combined with the directory at

Thanks again,
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