Subject: Lost and Desperate
By: Steven Jenkins (IP: 24.218.250.*)
Written on: 21-01-2005 22:01

I don't know why I'm here again. I don't know what I'm expecting anyone to tell me anymore. I've just had the worst time with my laptop making so much noise. (Even with the Arctic Silver 5 I put on)

I finally took it to a repair shop to get their $40 oppinion. The guys there said the noise is completely normal. My laptop has a huge heatsink and two huge fans and they said it's actually pretty quiet for computers they've seen.

"Then why did it only start making this much noise after I got it returned with a new motherboard?"

Well.. they told me... perhaps the reason why it overheated and needed a new motherboard in the first place was that it wasn't supplying enough power to the fans.

"Then why does my friend with the same computer not have the same noise coming out?"

They didn't really have an answer for that.

So I'm now not worried that the processor is making more heat than normal. I trust the repair people's judgement on that issue, and I do remember people commenting before about how a lot of heat was coming from the computer.

But do you think I could just get brand new fans? The repair place said the fans weren't off balance. But maybe they're just old or cheap or SOMETHING and getting new ones will be a lot quieter.

Okay, yeah, so that's my question... New fans? do you think Till?

Oh Gosh... so much complication over a bit of extra white noise :-/

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