Subject: pentium 4 socket 423
By: frank (IP: 68.100.24.*)
Written on: 24-01-2005 06:54

My plastic piece which holds the heat sink down on a pentium 4 socket 423 just broke.

Does anybody know of a decent heat sink fan combo which mounts directly to the board instead of using the cheap plastic clips (which are unrealiable I just found out the hard way)?

Please email me at

Thanks for your help.

By: Tillmann (IP: 146.140.7.*)
Written on: 24-01-2005 14:34


I suppose the clip on the socket itself broke off?

Most Socket 423 coolers use the mounting holes in the motherboard, so it's no big deal. But you may have find problems finding a new Socket 423 cooler at all.

One unit I recommend for its low noise and still good performance is the Zalman CNPS-5100CU cooler. It mounts directly to the motherboard.

You can but it online here:
or here:

It's a rather expensive cooler; the question is whether it makes sense to invest $40 in a cooler for an obsolete socket format at all. However, this cooler is also compatible with AMD Socket A, which is a bit more recent (CPUs and motherboards are still in production).

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