Subject: Reversing heat sink fan
By: Claudio (IP: 68.32.59.*)
Written on: 28-01-2005 21:05

Has anyone ever experimented with reversing the fan on a heatsink? What I mean is, instead of the fan sucking the air out of the heatsink, blowing air into the heatsink. I have an athlon 3000+, Asus AZN8X, 2 G ram, 4 HD, 2 CD, 1 DVD. I have one fan blowing into the case from the side, one, exhaust out the back, and of course the power supply and heat sink. The input fan almost directly blows the air in over the heatsink fan. To me, it seems as if the two airflows crash in the middle. It seems to me, if this air was being blown into the heatsink, the CPU would remain cooler. Ambient air in the room is usually 65 degrees. Until I added the 2nd gig of ram, my temps, according to Asus Probe were; MB 24-25c, CPU 34-36c. Since I added the 2nd gig, MB is 27-28c and CPU is 40-42c. Is this normal reaction to the additional ram? After everything I have read here, am I really worrying about nothing? Thanks

By: scifi3018 (IP: 204.116.2.*)
Written on: 30-01-2005 03:08

My guess is that the air moves slower being pulled across the fins, than it does being pused, so there is more itme for heat transfer
By: Tillmann (IP: 84.57.22.*)
Written on: 30-01-2005 15:53


faster air speed is better; however, it is hard to say whether reversion the fan will increase or decrease air speed. Also, which direction is better also depends on the heatsink design and on the case. Typically, heatsinks provide best performance when their fan direction is left the way the manufacturer shipped them. The only exceptions I've seen are coolers for 1U servers which are configured to blow towards the heatsink - here, the improvements were dramatic when reversing the fan.

In any case, it's worth a try - reverse the fan and observe temperatures, if you feel like it :-)

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