Subject: Pentium M passive cooling
By: design (IP: 65.197.178.*)
Written on: 04-02-2005 23:26

I was wondering if anyone has seen a heat sink out there made to cool a Pentium M (21-27W) without using a fan. I was looking into the P4 1U copper sinks that are too big. This thing should be in the 2"x2"x1" size range, copper, and a thick base to spread the heat from the die.

Also, a small pin fin heat sink vendor with some interesting stuff in the non-standard world is I have been working with them on a number of solutions for low power BGA's.

Nice site.

By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.1.*)
Written on: 20-02-2005 21:43


passive cooling of the Pentium M is possible, but I'm not sure if it can be achieved with a heatsink that is just 1" high. Maybe if you have an excellent copper heatsink.

I once got a sample of a Jagwire passive copper cooler for Socket 370/Socket A which was compact yet powerful; it looks similar to the Jagwire unit pictured in part 2 of the "Heatsinks" section here - but it had fewer and larger fins, which is better for passive cooling. Maybe a similar design could solve your cooling problem.

I have added Cool Innovations to the Links section.

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