Subject: AMD xp2800+ Heatsink
By: sbrager (IP: 24.165.88.*)
Written on: 09-02-2005 00:51

I'm about to replace my old CPU with an AMD XP2800+. I've got a CoolerMaster DP5-6I31C heatsink/fan. I don't intend to overclock the CPU.

Will this combination work well?
Is there a better heatsink?



By: Tillmann (IP: 83.121.1.*)
Written on: 20-02-2005 21:40


this heatsink is not very powerful; it is recommended only for CPUs up to Athlon XP 2100+.

If you case cooling is good, it may still be sufficient for an XP2800+. Just give it a try (but observe CPU temperatures closely).

Yes, there are much better coolers, both more quiet and more powerful. But since you're upgrading an older system, investing large amounts of money in a high-end cooler might not make sense economically.

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